Playin’ ketchup || Coming soon…

So many things have happened in the past few months, from moving into a new condo, working a full time nerd job + having sessions on the weekends. My head is spinning, but of course, in a good way. Here are some of the things and amazing people I’ve worked with in the past few months…


Jared + Shannon

Kristen, Kara + Family

Jessica + Alex + Madeline Davis

Jairus + Kari + Grayson

Can’t wait to blog the hell out of these sessions… 

You’re all in for it.

The Nevarez Wedding || Riverside, CA

Leave it to me to be ridiculously late and horrible at blogging in a timely manner… I vow to be better at this. Yes, I’m still alive and things. Don’t worry.

On a way better note, this wedding… two of my best friends getting married? I’m in love.  (big shout out to my 2nd shooter, Justin, for killin’ it per usual)

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day…

Perfection. I love you guys, thanks for letting me play such a huge role on your wedding day. I’m still blushing.

Baby Madeline || Teaser

Can’t wait to share this pretty little mama with you guys.

My ovaries are exploding into oblivion.

|| Full blog post coming soon! ||

Nevarez Wedding || Teaser

Cannot. Wait. To. Share. This. Wedding. You. Guys.

|| Blog post coming soon! ||

The Simanski’s || Irvine Park, CA

Ahhh man, I love creative parents with fun energy that have kids with a ridiculous amount of spunk. Say hello to the Simanski’s! I had the pleasure of knowing them for awhile before our session and I was already impressed. Fellow Galaxy fans AND he’s Scottish. I’m sold. Matt and Constance are amazing people, who made adorable little MacCallum who just wants cupcakes. That’s it. Cupcakes. I feel ya, kid.

Let’s have a fun afternoon at the park, shall we?

Love you guys!! || Stay amazing.